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You took us around the world
On a single note
Tore the heavens down
With your clearest notes
From that instrument you play
Inside your body and soul
You could charm a world
Just play
The music will be the miracle
Just play
Let the rivers run and the mountains crumble
Just play
Strike those keys
And play those strings
Pile on the symphony
Just play
Play for you
Play for me
For long lost dreams and endless years
Play for eternity
Nobody is the wiser anymore
Just play
Don't fear for death or judgment
Just play
Because when the reaper comes
To take you away
Those notes will charm him home
Just play
When love seems so distant
Just play
In your final moments and first steps
Just play
And we will remember you
I will remember you…
:iconlelios-maleficia:Lelios-Maleficia 0 0
Speak out world
Against the tyranny
Bring down the human plague
Stuck to your side
Cry out world
When Everest crumbles
When the forests and meadows
Dry out to wastelands
Groan now world
As the seas become toxic
And the metal claw of man
Seizes you by the throat
Rebel now world
With clouds of anthrax
And rains of ash
In one cataclysmic heartbeat
Sing now world
And purge yourself of us
Cleanse yourself of pain
By ridding your body of our taint
Rejoice now world
For we are gone
And you have won
Rejoice now and live.
:iconlelios-maleficia:Lelios-Maleficia 0 0
Now it seems like
We were only normal
For a second
Every million years
But we were happy
If only by ourselves
We built everything on nothing
And somehow it worked
There were no lies
No reason to be apart
And yet now only words on a page
Can seem to bring you to me
Only these words I write now
Can let me relive our times
It's impossible to forget
But impossible to hope
You are somewhere now
Happier and complete
And I can't seem to find
That missing memory
That one that keeps me standing
The one that keeps these hands writing
The one that keeps these feet moving
And the one that brought so many smiles
So for now
I have no choice but to lay down
Put these weary thoughts to rest
And conclude what I thought was forever.
:iconlelios-maleficia:Lelios-Maleficia 0 0
Peace, she has come home
To the confines of my ashen heart
She's like a welcome mirage
As I try to crawl my way across the desert
And she reminds me of a place like home
A place so long lost and distant
I scarcely remember its name
And now my dreams hold some truth
She's there
Like a love song in an apocalypse
An epiphany in a crisis
She's like no other
Her words just a whisper
As I bury myself in the sky
She's calling me away
No longer am I havoc
And my grave seems less shallow
My fate less bleak
My eyes look to the darker skies
And see the brighter side
Peace, she has brought me home
Back to I place I know
No more wastelands of lonesome dreams
No more highways of desire
An outsider I may be
In my own home or away
In the stars or under the waves
But I've found peace
As the holes in the world mend
She is there with the needle
Weaving away and smiling
From dawn till dusk
This is my rapture,
Home at long last
She's my savior
Eclipsing all thoughts of a deceiver
I no longer live in
:iconlelios-maleficia:Lelios-Maleficia 1 0
My Living Statue
My Living Statue
A face painted with ash
Nails encrusted until black
You have not moved in so long
My living statue
A marble expression
Etched into your face
Yet your lips are still red
And your heartbeat is slow
Oh how I've cared for you
Oh how much I've sacrificed
Yet still you lay absolute
My living statue
I can only hope
That one day you will wake
That day we'll be together
Because I love you as always
:iconlelios-maleficia:Lelios-Maleficia 1 0
Faces painted with tears of sorrow
Hands scarred with wounds half-healed
We are the troubled
Watch us fade
Hair caked with mud
Nails long and yellowed
We are your scum
Ignore your conscience
Blood is thick and dirty
Our teeth filed sharp
We are your horrors
Accept your lies
Many faces of fear
Many cries of hate
We are humans
Watch us fade.
:iconlelios-maleficia:Lelios-Maleficia 1 0
Blood and Tears
Blood and Tears
Every fibre of my being
Is screaming out your name
I cannot beg for your forgiveness
But my love shall not beg
I'm bleeding ink
And crying blood
My love is fading
What more can you want?
I stare into space
Hoping to find some peace,
But only in your face
Do I find my serenity?
What little that is left
Cannot be forgotten
For I see it still
In every waking moment
:iconlelios-maleficia:Lelios-Maleficia 1 0
The Lonely One
The Lonely One
Cracks in the pavement
Craters in the road
Walking through a war-torn city
Here at the frontlines of eternity
A violet sky above me
These wounds hurt no longer
The battle among my thoughts
Has silenced all else
The war has come and gone
But still I endure
My rise and fall
Through my rage and grace
Horror after horror
Tragedy follows tragedy
It all seems so small now
It all seems so unreal
This is just another chapter
Just another chronicle
To my never-ending story
Read now and learn
:iconlelios-maleficia:Lelios-Maleficia 1 0
The Air
The Air
Breathe the free air
Leave the pity behind
Breathe into me
The air of life
Passed down from one to another
The heiress of joy has foretold
The there will come a day
When these maladies will fade
She is lost among the others
Telling tales of enlightenment
Telling tales of hope
To all those willing to hear
Breathe the clean air
Leave this plague behind
Breathe into me
Your cleansing touch
Graves swollen with pity
Lands drowning in plagues
She can wash it all away
Just one breath of air.
:iconlelios-maleficia:Lelios-Maleficia 2 0
Our Duet
Our Duet
There was a time
When we had dreams
Dreams to sing
And dreams of our duet
A perfect sonata
Your voice and mine
We would sing of love long lost
We would sing of better times
When we were together
We traded our duet
A duet for a dance
And dance we did
A harmonious hamlet
Our duet became
Is there a better time?
Than the future?
:iconlelios-maleficia:Lelios-Maleficia 2 1
Time is no loving being
She will break you
She will end you
Whether now or then
Leaking into every bone
This weariness from her
Centuries will pass
And she will live on
I will soon be gone
Who will listen to her then?
Who will play her game?
Not I
Time cannot ravage a timeless face
My mortal body
Shelters an immortal mind
She is only as deadly as we allow
I live my way
No fear for the future
Time does not direct me
Nor does she end me.
:iconlelios-maleficia:Lelios-Maleficia 1 0
The frosted vines
Are my veins
They push the coolant
Through my body
My heart is of ice
My bones are of metal
And my skin has an icy chill
This is my winter
You are the fire
To which I thaw
And there you are beside me
My beacon of heat
My only fear
Is if my icy being
Should overcome your delicious heat
Will you be lost?
I'm left to wander
The wasteland of eternity
Without you at my side
This is my winter
:iconlelios-maleficia:Lelios-Maleficia 2 1
The Rhythm of the Heavens
The Rhythm of the Heavens
Through the years
Through the centuries
Through eternity
Among lost leaves and fallen angels
I find it all
Awaiting me in you
I can give you it all
I can give you this world
All I need is your life
Through your eyes I can see the future
I can see the world reflected in the green of your iris
I can see the future beginning with you
My beloved and timeless love
What will put you at ease?
Not these frail lies,
Never anything but the truth
You don't see it all
The crimson spread from the truths
Has all but stained the past
The future must not be wasted
To the rhythm of the heart
The body runs
The mind sings
And we love
But the heart cannot keep intact
When there are those like us
Those who know the truth
Those who have spilt the lifeline
The others have all but faded
They have all but died
And here we are
Living on though the throng
Forests, trees and meadows
Deserts, Mountains and seas
All of it at our fingertips
We only have to reach
The world will bow to your w
:iconlelios-maleficia:Lelios-Maleficia 1 1
Red Wine and Roses
Red Wine and Roses
A drop of crimson
Among the mass of green
Red wine and roses
Dance behind my eyes
A rose for you
We'll let it grow
With blood and gold
As our love becomes greater
Now I drown beneath the red
The age-old torture of passion
Becomes a small sacrifice
If it means spending eternity with you
A rose for you
We'll let it grow
With blood and gold
As our lust becomes greater
I raise this goblet to my lips
The wine stings my mouth
As it is tainted with our tears
It is such a bitter glory
The rose becomes my heart
We'll let it grow
With blood and gold
As my need for you becomes greater
My blood burns beneath my skin
My new life begins
As I stare past the lies of others
To see truth in your eyes
Under the emerald moon
I lay waiting for you
The ashes of the past
Have been buried
I shall give you my scarlet kiss
If you would but sacrifice
The rose I have given
For it wilts now in my hand
The numbness I once felt disappears
With red wine and roses for you to cherish
As they are my b
:iconlelios-maleficia:Lelios-Maleficia 2 1
Fate Is Never Simple
Fate is never simple
To be sewn to the world by the hands
I've done all but tear the world in two
Valleys dedicated to the scorned
And caves full of demise
Consecrated cracks left in the roads
Burning buildings light the way
Like flesh between teeth
I wander down such a path
Lose yourself in it all
As the stitching frays at the edges
As the life we had slowly becomes a dream
As I turn the world on itself
I still see every face of mistake
I can lose myself with you
Just run away
Run away
What pursues is only the past
It can't catch us unless we stop
But I cannot stop
My feet are nailed to the shoes you wear
Please don't stop
Never falter
Be everything I've always known you to be
And don't look back
:iconlelios-maleficia:Lelios-Maleficia 1 3


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